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Ms. Mikegasm's Fanatasy

Viewers Descretion Is Advised

Writer's Block: Remembering Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs apple products has inspired me cause there has never been a time that I haven't admired his work. I listen to music everyday just because of his wonderful invention of the IPOD. RIP. 

It was only 4:00 and our appointment was in a hour so I was getting ready. Candace was sleeping on the couch and than my phone rang.

I was afraid at first because I didn’t know who could be calling me at this time of day.

- Hello


- Hello, who’s there?

- Stacy? Are you ready to go?

- Who’s this?

- Oh I’m sorry, It’s me Michael. I didn’t know if you wanted BJ to come get you.

- Um, Mike I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ride together to the doctors office together.

He called, he called. I’m so glad that he called me. His voice was so sweet and innocent. I missed it and I couldn’t wait for BJ to drive up.

- Great! I don’t want to put you in a awkward situation but BJ is 30 minutes away.


- Really? How did you know that I was going to say yes?

- Well I guess I just know you. See you in little bit.

- Ok Mike. Love you.

OMG! I can’t believe that I just said that. I wonder if he’s going to say it back.

- Oh-uh I love you so much more.

- I will see you in a bit.


I walked around the house looking out the window every five minutes. I was anxious to see Michael. His sexy curls, his perfect smile and his bodacious body. If you haven’t noticed I was ready to see him. I paced around my living room, I knew that he would be arriving soon so I had to get myself together. I brushed my hair, brushed my teeth and popped in a piece of gum. Michael liked the mint smell on the breath, maybe that’s why we were always kissing. While my mind went all wild and nervous as if this was me and Michael’s first date, there was a knock on the door.

Knock Knock

I knew that it had to be Michael or BJ, either one I knew that I was happy to see them. I opened the door and there was a delivery man standing there holding a dozen long stemmed red roses. They were beautifully wrapped in a red and black paper, there was a little note stuck in the middle. “Wow, these are beautiful.” The delivery man then said, “This is a delivery for Ms. Stacy Caldwell.”

- Yes, I’m Stacy Caldwell.

- Well I guess these beautiful roses belong to you. Hope you enjoy them. Some one must really love you.

I reached out and grabbed the roses out of his hand. “Thank you so much.” I walked back into the living room smelling the roses on my way. It was lovely. The smell was tantalizing and I fell in love with those roses. I was so drawn in by the smell of the roses that I forgot that there was a note. It read:


I was speechless. Michael had me wrapped around his finger in one note. I was ready to see him now… I knew that we had an appointment to go to but I wanted him to be here with me. Before I could catch my breath I heard a car pull up in my driveway. I still held on to my roses as I walked over to the window and looked out. I saw a vintage Rolls Royce parked right in the driveway. I waited for someone to get out but no one was seen. I put down the roses and went to the door. Once I opened it I saw Michael standing there wearing his signature black pants and penny loafers. He wore a red short which had a lot of buttons on. The shirt was form fitting and it hugged his chest in such a sexy way. I bit my lip at the view. He was beautiful and there was nothing more special than that little note that he had sent me.




- Yeah of course. Come in.

I was nervous to find out what news he was actually referring to. It could have been anything. He could be leaving me or giving me some bad news. Any news is bad if you don’t know what it is. From the look on his face it seemed like the news was terrible. I didn’t even want to hear it.





As those words came out of his mouth my heart jumped for joy.

I asked myself over and over again in my head , Did he just say that or am I hearing things?

I wrapped my hands around his neck and burrowed my face in his chest. The happiness filled my heart. Those words were magic to my ears. I wasn’t even away from Michael for no more than 2 hours before he came to my house and gave me good news. These news helped me fill the gap that was hurting my heart. I left my boyfriend over this nonsense and now we were getting the news that was going to make things ok.

His arms wrapped around my back to hold me up. I felt like I was about to faint. I’m so glad that he was here to comfort me. I didn’t want to make another mistake but I wanted him at that moment. “Michael, thank you” I spoke into his shirt. I kissed him softly on his neck. He looked down at me and kissed my forehead.

- Stacy, I don’t know why you are my girlfriend. I don’t deserve you at all. Why do you love me?

- Michael you don’t even have to ask me that question. Your more than just a gorgeous face, you are a kind, warm hearted soul who I need in my life. No matter how hard I try to avoid it, you are a drug that I need. Anyone can see why I love you. Michael, I love you because your YOU.

- Stacy, I’m not gorgeous. For many years I have never thought of myself as beautiful. I don’t know what you see in me but I don’t see it.

I placed my hands on either side of his face and kissed him softly on his lips. “Michael, I see what I want to see. You are the most beautiful person in the world to me. I love everything about you. Your beauty is rare and I’m glad that your sharing it with me. I love you Michael. Everything about you is perfect.”

I parted his mouth slowly and entered my tongue. I feverishly slid my hands down his body and to the front of his pants. My hand rubbed it in a inward motion, I worked his shaft through his pants. Our bodies were burning hot against each other.


She French kissed me hard. I was infatuated with her scent and taste. I couldn’t control myself, while she rubbed my cock I grabbed hold of her perfect butt. I lifted her skirt up and ran my fingers along the cheeks until I reached the center. I massaged her anal slowly but surely. Her soft moans pierced my ears. As my hands occupied her bottom half she began to unbutton my shirt. I just came over here to take her out to eat not to make love to her. I didn’t want to have to stop it but there were things that I needed to clear up. I didn’t want to make her feel obligated to have sex with me just because I gave her roses.

I stopped our kiss and looked her directly in her eyes. “Stacy, I don’t want to complicate this situation with sex.” She looked confused, so I kissed her forehead and removed her hands from the buttons on my shirt. “Come here”, I grabbed her hand over to the kitchen. While we moved pasted the couch I noticed that Candace was sleeping on it.


I was confused as to why Michael stopped me. I didn’t care about anything that had happened because I was living for the future not the past. I missed him so much and I wanted him to know just how much. He held my hand in his and began to talk to me.

- I didn’t come here for you to jump back into my arms and make love to me. I’m only here because I had to give you the news and I wanted to take you out on a date. But you already know that when you began touching me and kissing me like that I have no choice but to fall into your trap. As much as I want to make love to you, I can’t.

- I know you didn’t. I want to be with you this way Michael. I don’t just want to jump back into bed with you but just like I make you fall into my trap whenever I see you my hormones began to rage for your touch. Of course making love isn’t going to make things all better but I just want you to be with me. I’m just thinking that your going to leave me. Michael, please tell me that you won’t leave me?


I was shocked at that question. She should know that I would never leave her. When we weren’t together I was so young and naïve. Things just weren’t right. I didn’t appreciate her at all. Now that I’m older I appreciate her so much. I would never leave her.

- Stacy, I would never leave you. You are my life now. No matter what went on back than

I can’t imagine being without you. You have to believe me when I say that. I love you.

- I want to believe you, I really do. But you told me all of this before. Why is now any different?

- I can’t tell you. All I can do is show you and I have been with you for a solid 3-4 months and its been going good. Why would I start screwing up now?

She was right about many things. I did tell her all of this before and I can’t believe that she has given me a chance to make things better. Now that I’m in her life again I don’t plan on messing up. I just couldn’t live with myself if I had.

I placed my hands on the back of her neck and pulled her face into mine. “I love you with all my heart. There is no way that I will ever leave your side again. Please tell me that you believe me.”

She looked up at me with the softest eyes. I could feel her hurt even before she spoke.

- I love you too but this will never truly go away until you know who has the baby or until we prove that its not your baby. Just know that I will always be here for you. Don’t make me regret it.

- I will not let you down. We will get through this together.

I kissed her on her cheek and whispered, “You can trust me Stacy. I promise.”


I didn’t want Michael to ever lie to me but it wouldn’t be the first time. I needed My Michael. There was no way that time would heal my heart from hurting. But from this moment on I had to give him this chance to prove to me again. I love him to much to give up on him.


Instead of going on a romantic date we decided to go watch the sun set. It was so beautiful and I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.

I felt kind of good about everything that was going on. He knew how uncomfortable I felt about Tatiana. It was never even mentioned the whole night. For the first time in weeks I was Michael’s only priority.

Once I got back home, Candace was wide awake with a heartbroken look on her face. I walked in and went right to the telephone. I wanted to know what was wrong but I really needed to hear Michael’s voice.

- Hello

- Hey babe.

- Oh hey Stacy. Didn’t we just leave each other no less than 25 minutes ago.

- Yeah, I just wanted to tell you thank you. Tonight was exactly what I needed to feel at ease.

- I’m glad that it took your mind off of things. I got a little bit of work to do but I will call you later. I love you very much.

- Ok hun. I will talk to you later than. I love you too.

After hanging up the phone , I noticed that Candace had left. She wasn’t in the living room anymore and I really had to know why.

As I walked into the bathroom she was sitting on the toilet crying. She never cried over anything so this was so different for me. “Candace, why are you crying? Girl come on now stop playing.”

She didn’t even answer me. I went over to her and knelt down in front of her. I placed my hands on her stomach and asked, “Is something wrong with the baby? Please tell me that the baby is fine.”

She looked up and with the tears streaming down she finally answered me. “Stacy, the baby is fine, but I’m not ok. The real reason why I came back to Bel-Air was because I had to see a doctor. BJ did call me but I wasn’t going to come. But anyways when I went to the doctors I was told that they found a lump on my right breast and a few minutes before you came they called and told me that I have a lump on my ovaries. I think I have cancer.”

Well before I came here, I took a little trip over to the doctors office and met with Dr. Ramsey. He gave me our test results. And I guess from the smile on my face you must know that he said we are HIV free. It’s not bad. Thank goodness. Now I can breath. Of course I want to hear the news.Stacy…. The news isn’t bad. If you don’t want to hear it than I won’t tell you. What’s the news? I was pretty happy until you said that.Oh no problem. When you love someone you show them just how much. Well I came over because I just came from the doctors office and I have some news. Can I come in?Michael, hello. I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful roses.

I have never been so happy in my life. You have made me smile everyday 

since the day we met. As much as we may make each other mad we still are  

In love. I have never known someone so perfect in my life. You are my lovely

Lady and I will never let you go. We may not be the happiest couple in the

World but when I’m with you it feels like heaven. I love you Stacy and

Because I love you I want to shower you with love. Wait for me my Love.

Michael Jackson

Dont Walk Away Part 11


He turned around wearing the same suit that he always wore when he wanted to be annoying. I put on a smile and walked towards him.

- Hey Mr. Jones.

- Hello Stacy.

- Do I have to come in today?

- No, I needed to talk to you. There’s something that I have to tell you today before our relationship goes any further.

I was confused at what he was saying. He always was a handful but he was just acting weird. What relationship do we have?

- Uh what do you mean?

- Stacy come sit down on the couch.

He motioned for me to come to him and take a seat. There was no way that I was comfortable with what was going on. I took a seat about a quarter inch away from him, I didn’t want him to try anything. He looked sort of drunk and disoriented and I was scared of what he was up to. I couldn’t believe that BJ had let him in here.

- I don’t really think that you should be here right now. Michael isn’t here and I just want to be alone. I will see you tomorrow.

- Stacy I need to talk to you.

- Mr. Jones I don’t want to talk to you. Can’t I just be left alone.

I got up and headed for the kitchen. He grabbed my arm and spun me around.

- I need to talk to you NOOWW.

- You need to leave. BJ?? BJ?? Where are you?

- Don’t do this Stacy or you will regret it.

- BJ BJ Come here now!!!

BJ ran around the corner and found me screaming my head off at this nut job in front of me. “ BJ, Where are you?”

- I’m right here Stacy. What’s wrong?

- Who told you to let this man into my home? I know he’s my boss and everything but I don’t really want to be bothered. Can you please get rid of him?

- Oh I see Stacy.

He turned to Mr. Jones and said, “I’m sorry sir. Ms. Caldwell doesn’t want any visitors. So if you may leave it will be appreciated.”


I never thought that he would ever come to Never land. This is my safe haven. He creeped me out just by his look and how he was talking to me. I was pretty scared. Now I just felt vulnerable and I needed my boyfriend.

I gave BJ the most disappointed look. “BJ How could you?”

- I’m so sorry Stacy. Since he was your boss I thought that you might have wanted to talk to him. But I promise you it wont happen again. I’m going to go pick up Michael. Will you be ok here alone, well with the maids and servants and chefs?

- Oh I didn’t know that Mike was coming back so soon. He said two hours.

- Well he finished early. So I’m going to go get him. But will you be ok here?

- Yeah I guess. I’m not really alone. Be safe BJ.

- I always am. You be safe as well. Bye Ms. Caldwell.


After I had left Never Land I had noticed Stacy’s most vulnerable side show. She has never been so sad when I left.

- Michael, you have to talk to her. She may be waiting for you to reassure her that this won’t ruin you guys relationship.

- Frank you think you know everything. I’m the one that has to go home to a depressed woman.

- Yeah and she probably wouldn’t be depressed if you talked to her.

- I have talked to her before. She acts like everything is perfect.

- Mike how long have you known me?

- A while. Why?

- We have been studying woman’s traits, flaws, and vulnerability for years now. And now that you have a woman who loves you, you don’t know how to handle her emotions.

- Frank just let me handle this my way. I can’t talk to her and bring up all the miserable things that has happened this past weekend. I can’t talk about this anymore.

Frank was making me feel like I was the bad guy for not wanting to talk to Stacy. Every time I try she just tells me not to bring up the past. I really don’t think that she wants to talk about this.

- Ok Michael but don’t come to my house crying once she leaves you the way you left her.

Did that just come out of my friends mouth? I thought I could count on him but I guess not.


Good BJ came on time. I didn’t want to stay here one more second with Frank and his woman antics.

The car pulled up and BJ got out. He met eyes with mines and mouthed, “Stacy’s not happy.” I knew that there was a reason why he whispered it.

- Bye Frank.

- Bye Mike.

I got into the car and BJ persisted to go to his side of the car. When he got in the car he adjusted the mirror and looked directly at me. “Mr. Jackson, I have noticed that this whole thing with Tatiana is stressing Stacy out. She hasn’t eaten and she barely sleeps anymore. Michael you have to talk to her.”

I was tired of people telling me that I had to talk to Stacy. What good was that going to do? She still would be mad at….. Me

The whole car ride back to the house was silent. I couldn’t think to say anything else because I figured out that I started this and now it’s hurting the one woman that I love.

We pulled up to Never Land and I saw Stacy watering the flowers. She wore a oversized t-shirt and some jean overalls rolled up just above her ankles. She looked beautiful, her hair raised up into a soft bun and she had on a pair of her blue keds. Even though she was in a garden she still looked beautiful. As we pulled up she noticed the car, instead of running over to the car like she was happy to see me she just waved and continued her gardening. She was so different from this morning when she needed me to stay with her.

- See Mr. Jackson something isn’t right with Stacy today.

- Yeah I see that. Thanks for the ride BJ, Why don’t you go into the house and I will talk to her.

- Ok


I got out of the car and walked over to the garden. She never looked up as I walked towards her.

- Stacy? Hello Hun.

- Oh hey Mike.

She didn’t even acknowledge me. I felt invisible.


He came over but I couldn’t look him in his eyes. This hurt me way beyond anything, but I didn’t want him to know it did.

I slowly stood up and saw him. His eyes were desperate for my attention. I needed him but I also needed my space. “Michael, What’s going on?”

- Don’t give me that Stacy. BJ told me about you today. What’s wrong?

- Nothing ok. I just don’t want to talk about it. Just give me some space.

I started to walk away but he caught me. He grabbed my arm an stopped me in my tracks. I wanted him to just let me go.


- Stacy, baby I just want to know what is wrong with you. Just talk to me and I will leave you alone. Matter of fact I will give you all of the space you need. Talk to me please.

- Oh you want to talk. Now that you want to talk I don’t want to talk. We have been going together for about 3-4 months and I thought we were having the perfect relationship but than YOUR ex-girlfriend comes and spoils it all. I can’t really get mad at her though. She was just in love with the same man that I thought I was in love with. You guys had sex and now she says that she’s carrying your child. I asked you this question before cause I thought that I didn’t know the answer but now I just need to know the truth, Michael Jackson do you love me?

I didn’t want to have to ask this question but it had to be asked. I really needed to know if he loved me.

- I can’t believe your asking me this question. Stacy you know that I love you more than life itself. As hard as this is to say to you, me and Tatiana did sleep together and from what she says I got her pregnant. Stacy you’re my girl and this situation won’t change unless you want it to. Now I have a question for you, Do you not want to be my girlfriend anymore because of this?

I didn’t know what to say. I loved Michael but he was making this very hard to say. We needed to talk about this another time but not right now. Only time would tell where this relationship would go. I couldn’t say anything all I do was cry. I turned half way around just to block my tears from Michael.

- I can’t make that decision. Only time will tell if this relationship will last. All I can say is that I won’t be staying here as long as she has you tied down. You may say that she don’t got you tied down but she does. Until you prove to me that the baby she is carrying isn’t yours than I don’t think we can continue with this relationship. We’re not done but we’re on hold.

Tears streamed down my face cause I didn’t want to put our love on hold over some bullshit. I looked at him for the first time since we began talking and I saw him crying. Tears filled in his eyes and I felt guilty. Michael was now hurting just as much as me or maybe worst. I hated to see him cry, it broke my heart. I held my hand out to him and in a shocking reaction he grabbed it. Our hands interlocked and he walked towards me.

- I understand you. You make perfect sense and I’m just glad that your leaving before anything bad happens. I don’t want you to leave me Stacy. I am going to miss you terribly, I will respect your wishes but what are we going to do about our doctors appointment in a few hours?

- Oh yeah I really did forget about that. I’m going to go home and I will meet you there ok? I don’t want it to be awkward but we are still officially together just taking a break. I do still love you and I will see you later.

- I love you to Stacy. I will see you then.

I kissed the outside of his hand and placed it across my heart. “I love you Michael, this is only temporary.”

He looked directly into my eyes and pierced my soul. “I love you too Stacy.” He grabbed my face and kissed my lips. I held my hold on his lips, I never knew when the next time would be that I would see him again.

We stayed lip locked for about 2 minutes before we finally broke and said, “I got to be going. My cab will be here soon and I got to go get my things. I will see you soon.”

- Bye Stacy. I will see you in a few hours.

I walked towards the house and once I got to the front door and BJ was standing in the doorway. “I’m so sorry Stacy. I didn’t mean for this to go so far. I just want to make sure your ok.”

- Oh BJ it’s not your fault. I’m fine. Me and MJ are just taking a little break I will be back before you know it.

I embraced him in a hug and then went to collect my things.


We are back to square one. She is leaving me because of my stupid mistakes. My heart was broken in two and there was nothing I could do but let her leave. I stood in the garden while she collected her things and got ready to leave. Her scent was still on my lips and I didn’t want it to leave.

10 minutes pasted and she was walking through the doors with her luggage in hand. The tears started to come down my face as I saw her leaving the house. She looked at me and smiled a sad but friendly smile. I blew her a kiss and she caught it and placed it across her heart. I didn’t want to see her go, not this way. She walked to the cab and got in. Once the door closed and I knew that she was officially out of my life I turned a whole 360 degrees started walking towards the pool house. As I left I noticed the cab drive away.

She didn’t just drive away from my home she drove away from my heart.


Once the cab pulled out of Never Land Ranch all my tears streamed down my face. It wasn’t just a drive home it felt like I just mentally killed my boyfriend. The ride home felt like an eternity and I didn’t want it to end. I wanted the cab to drive me somewhere where things were all cotton candy and roses. I didn’t want to go home knowing that Michael wouldn’t be calling or coming by to spend some time with me. I would be alone and I hate being alone.

The cab pulled into my driveway and I was afraid to get out. The cab driver said, “We’re here.” “Oh, yeah thank you.”

I paid for the cab and he helped me with my bags. As I entered my house all I felt was emptiness. I saw all the pictures of me and Michael all around. We looked so happy and we never wanted to let each other down. Now look at the situation we’re in now.

I brought my bags into my bedroom and when I got there I just couldn’t even think straight. I walked in and I saw someone who I really needed to see right now.

- Candace? Oh my god what are you doing here?

I ran over to her and gave her a huge hug. I grasped her hold tighter, I couldn’t let go of her. “Candace I really need to talk to you. I’m so glad you’re here. Please just hold me.”

- Stacy, Hun BJ called me and told me what happened with you and Michael. I’m so sorry.

She kissed me on my cheek and wiped the tears away from my face. “Candace, I told you this was going to happen. Why didn’t I just stay with him? I miss him.”

Tears kept coming out of my eyes and I didn’t know why. I was the one who decided to leave.

- Stop crying Stacy. You couldn’t take it anymore. Michael will still be there when you come around. He isn’t going anywhere. He loves you and he did make a mistake but he will still love you when your ready to take him back as a lover. But don’t cry your eyes out, I’m sure he’s missing you too. If you miss him that much than call him.

I pulled back and said, “I’m going to see him in an hour or so. We can talk than I guess. But right this moment I need him.”

She grabbed my arm and walked me to the bed. We sat down and I just felt so stupid. I was mad cause I missed Michael but I was the one who left him. I had to admit that I really didn’t want to leave him.

- Listen to me, You left him because you felt like you couldn’t take all of this stress. He does love you and if you don’t think that you should be broken up than you need to go back over there and get your man. I don’t want to hear you wining about him knowing that you really do need him.

- I know I know. I do want to go back over there but I don’t feel like right now is the best time. I will just have to wait until I feel like seeing him again. If I go over there now I will just fall back into it. We need space. It’s good for the soul you know.

- Yeah I know Stacy. So what are we going to do to get your mind off of MJ?

I didn’t know what was going to get my mind off of Mike. He influenced everything in my home. I had over 30 pictures of him in my house and if that wasn’t enough I had some of his clothes in my closet. There was no way that he was going to be off my mind. Before answering her question I look over shoulder and saw my favorite picture of MJ. It was special to me because when he first started working on his new album ’BAD’ we went to New York and had some fun. I never took any big trips out of California so it was very exciting for me. We took pictures everywhere we went but this picture was different. He still looked gorgeous and it was a picture I kept very close to my heart. It was a picture that showed me the sexiest side of Mike. The hat hid his lovely face but I still could feel his soul through his eyes. It pierced my soul.



I looked at the picture and I almost cried. I wouldn’t be waking up to those eyes anymore. It hurt like hell but I can’t turn back into my vulnerable state. That picture brought me back to realizing that Tatiana looked into those same eyes not to long ago. So at that thought I turned the photo around so that it would be facing the wall.

- Um Candace you want to go watch some movies for a little while until my appointment.

- Yeah let’s go watch some movies. Girl’s day with my girl Stacy.

Dont Walk Away Part10

 In the bedroom, there wasn't much that I could say. As soon as I awoke I smelled the aroma of the french toast and eggs. Michael came walking into the room holding a tray of food turning his face into such a joker-like grin. Last time I checked breakfast in bed was for our own amusement. The only time I can remember having breakfast in bed was when we first had 'Official Sex' and it was memorable. 

July 2nd, 1985

We just finished makeup rehearsals for the feature video 'Thriller' and Michael and I was about to go out for a bite to eat. Karen Faye had a family emergency so I took her place. It was such a difficult thing trying to make sure everyone looked good for the video. And working under the man of the hour was really intimadating. I have known Michael for about 3 years now and we have really been connecting in more than a friendly way. We've been on plenty of dates and been seen in public often than ever. Now I was seriously ready to become more than friends. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  

The resturant that we had entered was completely empty. As I walked in I noticed a soft orchestrated sound coming from the far right side of the room. One of Michael's close friends was playing a soft melody and it just set the mood for Michael and I. The consierge' came to us and showed us to our seats. I was exstatic at the table setting. A red and black rose covered table cloth covered the table and there were red and black place settings. I was blown away at this sight. I told Michael that my favorite colors were red and black and he incorropurated that into our dinner date. My very close friend Michael held my hand in his and walked me over to my seat.

- Michael this isn't anything that I had ever imagined. All I wanted to do was grab a bite to eat. Not be wined and dined on a Monday night.

- This isn't about what we want, Its about what we need. Stacy I know that you are one of my closet friends but I have true feeling for you. Since the day we met back in November I have cared for you. Many people dont know this but Love at First Sight is a true thing. It took me a long time to tell you this but I don't believe that you can't see all the love I have for you. Don't you ever notice all the extra attention I give you when we go to the movies or to the amusement parks?

There have been many times where he would show me so much attention and I wasn't hating it. He would hold my hand, Kiss me on my cheek (alot) and he would love calling me 'Sexy'. That did kind of embarrass me but I wasn't trying to look all shy in front of Michael.

- Oh Mikey. I did notice that but i just thought that you was being caring and loving. I never thought anything of it. You are a handsome man....

I was hiding the fact that he was super gorgeous and I wanted him so bad right at the moment. But I wanted to keep it professional - Boss and employee.

- You think I'm handsome but... I know that you are going to say that.

- Michael there is no but to say. Honestly you are a very sexy man and I just cant stand it. You may love me but I'm in love with you.

My mind went blank and with a quick bite at my bottom lip I couldn't believe my ears. I just expressed my true love for Michael to his face. His perfect, beautiful face.


He didn't say anything at all. You could hear a pin drop with the stillness left in that room. I didn't want him to feel like I was coming on to strong but just looking at him all I was doing was following my heart.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  

- Stacy I am so happy that you said that. I am irrevocably in love with you Stacy Caldwell.

- Michael Jackson I love you very much. 

He pushed out his chair and reached to place his hand on my cheek. Staring into his brown doe eyes I saw so much sencerity. Without another second to think I crushed my lips onto his. I felt the plushiness of his lips on mine and I literally went straight to heaven. Once his lips hit mine I knew that tonight defiently was going to be our night. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Instead of bringing me back to his Encino home he brought me to a hotel room. I didn't know that he already had reserved us a room. It was romantic but very unexpected. He probaly knew that I was ready to give him my all. 

Walking into the room I noticed all of our nerves have disappeared. We weren't friends anymore we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I laid Michael down on the bed and kissed him non-stop. His hands placed on my hips while I lay on top of him in such a way that he was going to release himself right then and there. 

- I love you Jackson Man. I really do love you.

There was no stopping me from making love to my man. Unbuttoning his shirt one by one I realized that he was giggling way to much. It surprised me because Michael was a giggly type of person but when it came to making love -----

This was Michael's first time making love and it wasn't mines. I knew way more than him. He never came across as the afraid type of person to become nervous. 

- Hey Mikey. Why are you giggling?

- It does tickle. I'm just not that used to it. Can you please teach me anything I need to know?


Michael should know that I would teach him anything that he needed to know. Like how to touch me, How to kiss me, How to love me right but only he knows what makes him Tick.... if ya know what I mean.

- Of course I will teach you everything you need to know. Just be patient cause I truly want to please you.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
I led him through most of the sexual experiences up until we both were striped down to our under garments. Once I saw him in just his cute little boy shorts I realized that my love was unconditional. He sat on the edge of the bed and I stood in front of him. I watched him watching me as I placed my hand on my bra strap. With all his attention on me I slowly started pulling it off my shoulders. His eyes popped out of his head and I didn't even reveal all of my self to him yet. I felt the nub of my vagina began to pulsate. It was a sexy feeling especially over MJ. I leaned forward and kissed him on his forehead. I didn't want to wait any longer to show myself to him so in one quick moment I reached behind me and unhooked my bra. My breast were completely exposed and I felt so embarrassed. I felt like the only woman in the world who was naked in front of a audience full of people who looked just like Michael Jackson. 
-Your so beautiful Stacy. Please let me make love to you.

 He grabbed my waist and pull me down on top of him. I noticed his little boy shorts expand in the front. He was only 27 years old so I know his cock was as big as I have ever imagined. Michael kissed me tenderely and gave me a reason to wet my panties. I could feel myself dripping from his touch. His curls fell suite all around his perfect cocoa brown skin. And I was ready for him to screw me like I needed to be screwed. 

My lips slightly parted as his tongue slowly entered my mouth. It was warm, wet and sweet. I tasted our wine still lingering on his tongue. He kissed me all along my neck and chest. His kisses were nice and wet just how I liked it. Our bodies intertwined when he started to grab ahold of my breast and tug at my erect nipples. I softly moaned into his mouth. My moan must have set off a intial reaction because bout time I could even regain my breathing he flipped me over. He now towered over me and pulled off my panties leaving me completly naked. I loved how he was taking over. It beyond turned me on.

I hadn't even realized that he was naked as well. No boy shorts. His penis was so big and beautiful. Seeing it made me realize that I was really making love to Michael Joseph Jackson. 

 He didn't hesitate at all when it came to thrusting into me. At first he was very scared that he was going to hurt me but I reasured him that it was fine. All of this sexual tension made me wetter than ever. He was the star tonight. Nothing amazed me that he was such a beast at this moment. He stuck his junior into my vagina and brought tears to my eyes. I was in shock because he literally popped my cherry just from his entrance. Out of the men that I have been with no one has ever made me feel so alive. My legs were spread at an angle so he could just glide in and out. 

We been going hard for about 10 minutes already and I could feel my peak coming soon. Michael was in his own world like he was just having sex with my bottom half. And than he puckered his lips up and placed them on my neck. No man has ever left hickies on my neck before. I felt his tongue run along my hot skin and I just knew that he left some marks. He literally sucked my neck dry of all the moisture. He nibbiled up and around my neck. He softly moaned on to my neck. While he sucked and nibbiled on my skin he kept moving in and out of me breaking the inside of my vagina. 


He didn't even get to the number five before his hot liquid cum squirted out. I hadn't even noticed that he didn't wear a condom. I had to admit that it felt so good until I suddenly had deja vu'. 
Oh my god. The pill I didn't take, The Pill.

My body froze. I just layed there as Michael regained himself after he let out his big load and than I was done. By done I meant that I couldn't believe this was happening. I just had sex with the sexiest man alive and I didn't use a condom. It felt like the walls was closing in around me. I saw that Michael was happy with himself. I was flattered that he thought of me in such a way.

-Aww girl that was lovely. 

I wasn't ready to speak after what I just thought of. He had to know that I was impressed with his sexuality but not with the aftermath. This could cause a pregnancy.

-Stacy??? What's wrong?

I didn't know how to tell him. He looked so happy after making passionate love to me. I was contemplating in my head whether I should tell him or not. I wanted to let him know, but I couldn't crush his little. With the way that Michael is he would totally think it was his fault. Which it's not. I sat up and wrapped the sheet around my naked body and stood up. He stayed there just looking at me with a concerned look on his face. Facing him I finally came to an agreement. 

-Michael this was our first time together. And I don't want to scare you but...
Ring Ring Ring

'Saved by the bell' I thought as Michael jumped out of the bed and pulled on his shorts so he could answer the phone. 


-Well hello. This is the manger and someone named Karen faye called and left a mesage for you.

-Ok lets here it.

-She said, "Please make sure you clean up after yourselves."

Michael knew exactly what it meant because Karen knew that he was taking Stacy to a hotle room. 

-haha thanks you. 

-Your welcome sir.

"What was that about?" I asked as he walked back over ot the bed and layed back.

"Oh well Karen called and told me to clean up when Im done."

I was embarrassed. "Haha she knows we're here. Im so ashamed. Michael she is my boss."

- Stacy you dont have to be ashamed. And first of all  

Karen works for me and you work for her which in turn makes you my employee.

- Your just so sexy when you prove me wrong.

- I thought you would say that. But your even sexier when your just plain wrong.


He suddenly stood up and kissed me so softly on my cheek. It was the most sensual thing ever. We finally found each other. And I loved him so much.

As I began to walk to the bathroom to take a shower he asked me the question that I wished he had forgotten. "Stacy before the phone rang you was telling me something. What did you have to say?"


I was concentrating on the fact that he was so prepared for what I had to say.


- Umm it doesn't matter now. I just don't want to interrupt this night. Trust me it's not worth thinking about right now.


Thankfully he didn't go through this whole question and answer thing because I didn’t want him to be shocked at what I had to tell him.


We finally had a chance to just lay back an take in the wonderful moment. I had Michael all to myself at the moment. I kissed him non stop, savoring every flavor of his sweet taste. He was just as special as I thought. We laid in the bed together hand in hand watching some cartoons until we finally knocked out.

The sun gazed in through the window and hit us directly in the face. I squinted in reaction to the beautiful suns rays in my face. I stretched in pleasure at the sight. My hand. His hand. They still were connected, intertwined in between each others. He still was here with me holding my hand. I knew there was a reason why I loved him. I was so busy goggling over the sight of our holding hands, I hadn’t realized that Michael was awake.

I watched him as he just lay there wrapped in the covers from the waist down. His eyes wide awake and open as he looked around the room. First at the window and than at me. As soon as he saw me he began to smile. That smile always lightened my heart up. He just made this morning even more special.


- Hey


- Hey. How did you sleep?


I didn’t know what to say. I hadn’t done much sleeping since he wore me out. But from what I remember I did catch some z’s. “Oh well, I guess I slept pretty good. You were here all night so I didn’t need no sleep.”

He smacked his lips and said, “Oh really. Well I couldn’t leave you. I love you to much.”


I couldn’t resist kissing him. I grabbed his face and kissed him passionately. I hadn’t wanted to ruin this wonderful morning but I had to let him know about the birth control pill.

- Umm Michael I just wanted to let you know that…….

He placed his hand on the side of my face and kissed me gently on my cheek and responded, “Yes Stacy. What’s so wrong right this moment?”

- Nothing is wrong right now. I just noticed that when we were ’Making Love’ you my dear didn’t have on a condom. And I didn’t take my pill today. So there is a good chance that this little experience could cause a pregnancy.

I could see the look on his face that just made me want to cry. It looked like he was in such a rut. He looked pretty miserable. I wrapped my arms around his chest and kissed him on his neck. “I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad at me. I just realized this myself I swear.”

He held my hand in his and said, “Stacy I don’t mean to make you feel kind of dumb but I do remember you going to the hospital to get a birth control contraceptive that is a birth control that you don’t have to take everyday.”

OMG! The contraceptive. It was a vaginally placed birth control which would prevent pregnancy. I can’t believe that he proved me wrong again. Ugh. He was always proving me wrong and I hated it.

- Oh you sure are the only one who can make being a smart ass so sexy.

I kissed him directly on his lips. Moving my hands through his curly hair I was ready for round two.

He broke the kiss and then jumped out of bed. “Where you going Mike?”

Before he could respond he walked out holding a tray of food. Not only did he give me the best night ever he also made me breakfast. I was shocked and impressed. I didn’t even know that he knew how to cook.

Walking into the bedroom he placed all my favorites in front of me.

- Aw Michael. You shouldn’t have. Isn’t that what room service is for?

- Yes but I wanted to make my newly found girlfriend a breakfast she won’t ever forget. All your favorites are here. French Toast, Eggs, Cheese Grits, Bacon and Fresh Strawberries. Don’t tell me that you aren’t hungry.

- Michael have you ever seen me turn down Cheese Grits? I will be all over this like I was all over you last night. Thank you Mike. For everything.

We kissed over my great breakfast. His tongue was just as warm as his body and I never realized this before but Michael Jackson was absolutely the perfect man.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


- Why are you so damn good to me Michael?


- Stacy have you been here the entire weekend helping me through this all. That should be my question for you. Your to good to me Stacy. I have done you wrong so many times.


I wasn’t in the mood for this sad long trip down memory lane. He just had to look past the wrong he did and look toward the future. I placed my finger on his lip and stopped him before it went any further. “I don’t care about all of that. I just want to look towards the future with my man.” I kissed him on his lips.


- Thanks for the breakfast by the way. I never saw you as a cook. This is exactly like the night in ’85. Let’s see what you brought up here?

- I don’t look like a cook. After all these years I have watched you cooked you know. Everything that I know you love I made it.

I looked over the plate and saw French Toast, Eggs, Cheese Grits, Bacon and Fresh Strawberries. All looked perfect just like him. I saw all my favorite things right in front of me including the most perfect person in the world: Michael Jackson.

It was only 9:00 am and I was still in the bed about to enjoy such a great breakfast. I didn’t have to work this morning so I just wanted to stay in and watch movies all day. I didn’t want to be alone but I knew that I had to find some way to be with him before he went off to his busy life.






After being filled up on the amazing breakfast I said, “Oh Michael you have made me this delicious meal. You sure do know how to make me feel so good.”

- Stacy nobody makes me feel the way that you do. I just want you to feel like my woman. I love you so much.

- I know you know how much I love you. I don’t even have to tell or show you do I?

I got out of bed and walked over to Michael’s side and grabbed his hand. Walking hand in hand, we entered the bathroom. He turned me around and grabbed my face. Our lips met an then it was on……….

My hormones were raging, so in response to his kiss I jumped into his arms. Wrapped my legs around his waist and began to tongue wrestle with him. Our eyes met and our tongues danced together in unison. My hands ran through his hair as I bit his bottom lip. It was sweet just the way I liked it. He sat me on top of the sink while he took off his shirt revealing such a caramel skin complexion. I bit my lip at the view. Michael was in such a hot position at the moment.

He walked over to me and helped me undress as well. My shirt was the first thing to go and then my bra. We were kind of nude right now and we wasn’t even suppose to be having sex. I didn’t even care.

He crushed his lips against mines in such a hardcore way that I just started to go into a sexual moan. He kissed me all along my neck and chest. I hopped off the sink and placed my hands on his chest and slowly walked us over to the wall where my photo was displayed. I was in a towel but I looked very tasteful.

He rubbed his hands all over my body, grabbing at my butt and tugging at my pajama pants. There was no stopping him now. As he kissed me, he continued to pull my pants down. I placed my hands on each side of his face and kissed him. He pulled my pants completely down and let them drop to the floor. As usual I was panty less and he used that to his advantage. His hands unwittingly found its way down there on my sweet spot. He ran his fingers along my nub till it hit my clit. It pulsated for his touch. As good as it felt, And it did feel so good, I had to stop him before he took it to far.

I grabbed his hand, dreading every minute of it and said, “Whoa Mikey! We can’t do this right now. Do you not remember why we are not having sex?”

Instead of listening to me he continued to kiss on my neck. I didn’t want him to stop but this couldn’t happen. “We’ll use a condom. Stacy please don’t stop me” he said. A condom wouldn’t hurt. He was just so sexy when he begged for me. So without any hesitation I began kissing him again and he didn’t give me a chance to breath before he pulled out his cock. I reached over the side of the cabinet and pulled out the biggest condom that I could find. The material of his pajamas was under his testicles while the only part of his body exposed was his penis. I massaged his penis for a few seconds and then slipped the condom on his length. He lifted me up again and without no notice he jammed himself into me. It hurt a little bit just because our foreplay wasn’t enough to get me juicy enough. It felt like the walls of my vagina was ripping apart. His penis attacked my clit, it was a driving force between my legs. My legs wrapped around his waist as he grinded in and out of me. My hands flew every which way, grabbing his hair and scratching his back. My nails clawed his back up and down not letting go. Our grinding speeded up until he finally reached his climax. He looked into my eyes and bit his bottom lip. I knew that he was about to release himself. With one last jerk he came. I couldn’t even breathe long enough to reach my peak. I didn’t want to end this just yet. As soon as I came all over the condom I kissed him passionately on the lips and then walked over to the shower, where I turned on the water an then hoped in. “Michael, are you going to just stand there drooling on yourself or are you going to join me for some more morning fun.”



- Oh don’t forget that we have our doctor’s appointment later.

- Yeah. What time is it for again?

- 5:00 pm, So please don’t be late.

I kissed him softly on his lips as he embraced me in a hug. His arms wrapped around me and lightly squeezed. As my face nuzzled his broad chest I was intoxicated by his scent. He smelt like a summer breeze. It brought me on a high. I could stay there in his arms all day and night but I knew that he had to go places. “Ok Hun. I got to go before I’m late for this interview.” I didn’t want him to leave me. “Do you really have to go? You got to stay with me please.”


As badly as I wanted to stay here with Stacy, I had to go meet Frank Dileo. Her beady little eyes and her sweet baby voice made it impossible to say no to her.

- Stacy I really want to stay but I really have to go. It will only take me a few hours and then I will come back home to you. Ok.

I gave her a long kiss to hold her over until I came home. I could feel her lips tense up once I pulled back. She really didn’t want me to leave.


I didn’t want him to pull away. I needed him here with me. But I wanted him to go on with his plans. So instead of being a big baby I just had to accept it. He was my boyfriend and I couldn’t make him stop his life for me.

- Michael, I have to be a big girl about this so go ahead. Have fun with Frank, I will still be here when you come home.

- Alright stay safe and I will see you in a few hours.

He kissed me on the forehead and walked out.

For the first time in a long time I felt my heart fall out of my chest when he left. My mind was spinning and I had no idea why. I didn’t want to be at Never land at the moment, Too many things were going on and I couldn’t go stand it.

I put on a smile for Michael but I wasn’t happy about Tatiana’s pregnancy or her big HIV announcements. I didn’t want to do be here right now. Things weren’t working out at the moment. Why did I feel so guilty for this? I did nothing wrong, Michael’s the one who had sex with her and now look at the mess we’re in.

There’s only one person I could talk to when I’m feeling like crap…….. Candace.

Without a second thought I ran to the phone, I picked it up and dialed Candace’s number.

- Hello

- Hello

- Is Candace there at the moment?

- Oh god Stacy don’t tell me… Awe hey girl?

- Hey. I really need to talk to someone. Michael had some things to do and I’m so depressed. I feel like me and Mike’s world is coming to an end. I don’t think that we’re going to last.


- Oh Stacy. Stop opening your mind to negative actions.

- But Candace I feel it coming. Why can’t I just have accept this? Why can’t I just have Michael? No babies, and no diseases.

- You don’t have to accept this. This is your life that is being tampered with. I can’t tell you to not be mad, You have every right to be mad. I think you need to talk to Michael about this.

- Oh Candace I don’t think that is a great idea. I already told him that I was ok with this. If I tell him that I am sad with what’s going on than he will just feel neglected. And…

- No Stacy see what your doing?? Your trying to make him feel good about this. What about you Stacy? Why isn’t he hurting the way that you hurt?

- Candace you don’t know if he is hurting or not. How do we know that he isn’t just as angry about this as I am? He needs me and I need him. But we won’t have either of us if this keeps happening.

- Stacy, right now I want to drive back over to Never Land and be with you. I don’t want you to be alone like this. Do you want me to come over?

- No Candace, you should be with your family. I’m ok I promise. Don’t come running over here just because I’m a little disoriented. It’ll be ok.

- Ok well I wouldn’t be running nowhere cause then I would have a heart attack. Ha-Ha Sure I will stay here but I want you know that if you ever feel really miserable please don’t hesitate to give me a call ok?

I realized her little humor in her first statement. I laughed on the inside.

- Candace thank you so much. Don’t worry you are my go to person if I need help. I love you girl.

- I love you too. Don’t forget at least try to talk to Michael.

- I will try. Bye

- Bye.

I hung up the phone and decided to go downstairs.

And who do I see once I walk downstairs……… Mr. Jones.


Writer's Block: Workin' for a livin'
What would you consider the worst job in the world, and why?

Working at a farm...
All the slaughtering and cleaning juss creeps me out

Dont Walk Away Part 9

Dear Journal, 

Yesterday was the worst day in my entire life. I thought after my best friend leaving I could come to NeverLand and have a nice night with my man Michael. But when I got home I was shocked to see this unwelcomed guest in the house. Tatiana Thumbtzen. About a year ago me and Michael broke up because of her. She stole my man before and I'm scared that she will do it again. I thought she was here to get Michael back but I found out that she came by to tell him that she was HIV postitve. What am I going to do? How will we be able to go on with our lives knowing that we may have HIV. The house has been very quiet and very cold. We barely talk to each other. He completely cut me off. We sure need to talk about this because I can't lose him over something that Tatiana started. There has to be a way to solve this problem. 



Michael wasn't happy about the fact that he may be HIV positive. We never talked about it. I would kiss him and he would just blow me off. We've been sleeping in sepearate rooms ever since we found out. The house wasn't a home anymore it turned into a ice box. This was my last night at the Ranch but I couldn't leave without talking about this.

Michael didn't have any meetings or recordings to do so I took the opportunity to talk to him. Usually in the morning we would eat breakfast and than go for a walk along the acres of the Ranch. So while we took our walk I would talk to him. He couldn't just ignore this big problem.

It was 9:00 in the morning and the chef was preparing our breakfast. I sat on one side of the table while he sat at the other. The tension in the kitchen was unbareable. The chef could see that we were not happy today. The frowns on our faces was enough to let anyone know that we were going through something. I stared across the table at Michael as he just sat there looking off into space. The glazed over look in his eyes made it clear that he'd been crying. His eyes held huge bags, I knew he wasn't sleeping at all. It's only been a day since the news broke and he was wearing himself out. Not sleeping, Crying?? I knew that he wasn't himself. As our food was brought to us Michael didn't even notice it. He stared off into space with a serious sad face. Michael was breaking down and I couldn't let this happen. I picked up the fork and stuck it into my mouth with a piece of pancake. Michael didn't touch his food, it was left on the table. I didn't want to finish my food because he was internally and externally dying.


For a second I couldn't believe my ears but than I saw Michael looking at me with his big brown beautiful eyes. I was scared that he was going to start yelling but than he began to start talking.

-From the moment that Tatianna said those chiling words to me I realized that my life was crumpling at my feet. I didn't understand why god was doing this to me. I thought that he was punishing me for something. But than I figured it out. I broke your heart and left you depressed and all alone. You didn't deserve all of that pain. Stacy I love you so much and when you left my dressing room that night you took my heart with you. We never fully discussed the consequences of our actions. I cheated on you and left your heart in two pieces. Why did I do that? Why did I hurt the only woman who ever loved me?? All of those thoughts ran through my head everyday that I wasn't with you.

Every word he spoke rolled off of his tongue. They were coming straight from the heart. His eyes watered everytime he spoke. It was as if we were starting all over again. His words, My heart together again.

-Stacy I always thought that I could protect you from any and every thing that was dangerous. But now I'm the one who is causing harm to you. I know now that I can't protect you from everything even the things that I didn't even know was there. I know that you probaly think that I'd been neglecting you but I haven't. Once I told you I thought that you would just leave me. I felt like I let you down an now I can't protect you.....----

-Michael you have been mines for so long I would never ever leave your side. We been through so much in the past and we always survived. This isn't any different. We can take whatever is thrown our way. I love you with all my heart and I wouldn't want you going through this alone. I will never ever give up on you, on us. We will be together forever. I hear you saying that you can't protect me anymore but if you haven't realized it yet but you have been protecting me from everything for the past year now. You are my savior, my hero and my love. Why would you think that you can't protect me anymore?

-I don't know but if I am HIV positive ----

-That doesn't matter to me. I will love you even if you do have it.

-It's not ok Stacy. You may love me but I won't be able to change the fact that I ----

-You don't know if you have it yet so just calm down. I will make an appointment with the doctor this week if you want to find out. I would do that for you.

-I already made an appointment.

-That's great. I will come with you if you want me to.

-Their going to do the test here at my house. I want you to take the test as well. You need to know if you are infected or not.

I could see the pain in his eyes as he spoke those cold words. If either one of us was infected than of course our lives would change. This wasn't just a small infection, it was a disease that could kill you. I know that we wouldn't be able to live without each other. We can't let this disease tear us apart. We just can't, I won't allow it.

Michael had made our appointments for the following day. I was pretty nervous to find out our results. Just in a flash we were at the end of chances life. We weren't ready to end our lives over something that nasty Tatianna brought into Michael's home. She wasn't going to ruin my life with him. I have him now and we will overcome this issue.

Time was going by so slow. I couldn't believe that I was going home today. After what we went through this weekend: my best friend leaving the town and Michael's ex breaking some really miserable news to him, I was surprised we got through it. My bags were all packed and I wasn't even ready. I didn't want to leave Michael. After breakfast we took a long stroll around NeverLand. We watched the zoo keepers feed all the animals including the amazing Bubbles. He was even bigger than I remembered him. I could tell that he made Michael happy. As Bubbles ate Michael just watched in amazement. It was still so cute to watch Michael get so excited over a monkey. When all the animals were fed we just walked along side the lake. As the fish swam around Michael became such a kid at heart. I never noticed this before but he was so fascinated to see his own house. It was like he never seen it before. "Michael your so amazed at this house. It is yours you remember?" He smiled at me and gave me a nudge on the shoulder. "I know this is my house but I only had it for a few years. I still get amazed when I see it. And now I'm experiencing this wonderful view with the most beautiful person in the world." My cheeks turned beet red as I grabbed his hand. I walked him over to a nearby bench. As we took our seats on the bench he said , "I love you." It took me by surprise because after everything that we have been through he still is here with me loving me unconditionally. My eyes almost began to water. Just those 3 words brought tears to my eyes especially when it was coming from Michael Jackson. He reached over and pulled me closer to his side. His embrace always made me feel comfortable. As we sat there enjoying the wonderful morning breeze I laid my head on his shoulder. He smelled like vanilla and I was intocicated by this scent. I could sit there all day with Michael and his lovely vanilla scent. I lifted my head and said, "Michael Joseph Jackson I love you and you make me the happiest woman in the world." And before he could respond I softly kissed his smooth pink lips. Our lips touched and magic was all exposed. I put my hands on each side of his face as he laid his right hand on my waist. I didn't want him to get to excited because we were outside and that was so tacky especially when his staff was around. As my tongue explored his sweet mouth I felt his skin heat up and his pajama pants fill out in the front. I stopped the kiss before it went any further. I could tell that he was pretty upset about it so I gave him a kiss on his forehead. His eyes were so miserable just because I wouldn't give him no booty out on the lake bench. "Honey, aren't we having a HIV scare? Then why the hell are we about to have sex?" I was just as horny as he was but we just couldn't do it. "I know but can't we just do some sexual things to hold us over until ----" That made me smile, I needed that. 


-Our walk was magical. I swear this is the reason why the sun shines. NEVERLAND is the place to be.

-You sure do get excited over my lovely home. You are just like me.

-Of course. NeverLand is the best place to be when you want to find your inner child. But I don't want to find my inner child when I so desperatley want to fuck you. 

-Well we could do it. But there is consequences---

-Those consequences will ruin our life so we better just stop thinking naughty things.

BJ was going to drive me home in a few hours. Michael took a shower before we enjoyed our lunch. The shower water was running and I wanted to get in with him but but but (There is a HIV scare. HIV HIV). I couldn't bare this anymore. He was in the shower right now glistening all wet and damn sexy. I couldn't stop thinking about him until the phone rang to rudily interrupt my erotic thinking. 


-Stacy, dang girl I missed you so much. 

-Candace?? Girl is that you?

-Yeah. Im so sorry that I didn't call you when I got here. Everything started so fast. My mom's funeral was exactly as I had imagined it. Beautiful and just the way she would have wanted it. 

-AAww I'm glad to hear that. 

-So hows you and Michael's relationship going?

-Uh yeah that.. Well it was going great until Miss Tatiana Thumbtzen came by.

-Oh no what did she do?

-She told Michael that she was HIV postitve and now me and him got to go get tested.

-Really?? I hate that girl. Are ya'll going to get tested?

-Of course. We going next week.

-Good because that can mess up you guys relationship. And I want you to be happy babe. 

-I know you do. But there is one more thing even though we are both at risk of having HIV I really want to fuck him right now. He is in the shower and I have all these thoughts runnig through my head. 

-Ok Stacy there is a sexy ass man naked in the shower......... NOOOOO I know its tempting but just wait until after you get your results. 

-DAMN Candace you just burst my bubble. I thought you was gonna tell me to go for it. But I see where your coming from. I guess I have to wait until I can do the do with my man. You just don't know how much I want to go and literally rape him up in that shower.

-HAHAHa I know you want to. Trust me though you will thank me for this. But I have to go me and my sister are going to the mall so call me later when  you get home. Love you.

-Love you too. Bye Bye Candace have fun at the mall.

As I hung up the phone I realized that Michael was standing in the doorway of the bathroom. Wrapped in a white towel I just stared in awe. His body was so beautiful wet and sexy. His hair just laid so perfectly on his shoulders. I bit my bottom lip and just took it all in. He looked and smelled delicious. I walked over to him and just wrapped my arms around his wet body. 

-What's wrong?

-Nothing I just want to hold you. If we can't have sex than we can cuddle.

-But don't forget you have to leave soon.

-I know don't remind me. I want to enjoy being here with you. 

-Ok Stacy. 

I knew that Michael knew that I wanted to do more than cuddle. I reached down and pulled his towel off. It revealed is gigantic penis. I walked him over to the bed and laid him down. Began to kiss his neck which led to his chest and than his stomach. The moans that ecaped his lips were breathtaking. I couldn't even stop touching him. I moved my head up to his lips and began kissing him. As our lips moved together in unison all I could see was Tatiana's face flash in front of me. I jumped up in udder shock.  I knew that it was a sign, a sign to let me know that i wasn't suppose to be doing this.

-What's wrong Stacy?

-Umm Michael. We can't do this right now. No Sex. NO SEX.. I feel so stupid.

-Stacy don't feel stupid. I know we aren't suppose to be doing this but it was a spur of the moment thing.

-Yeah it was. But you know Mr. Jackson your not making it any easier to refuse sex when your still laying here all exposed.

-Oh I'm so sorry. So listen to me. I will get dressed while you just go and check to see if BJ is here yet.

-OK Michael. Don't take to long cause I want to see you before I leave. 

I left the bedroom and went to find BJ. I went downstairs and saw a ghost. Tatiana was back at NeverLand. I slowly walked into the living room. She stood there with her back turned to me wearing a sleek black dress and red pumps. She looked like a streetwalker. As I entered the room and as she turned around I noticed that her belly was 3 times as big as it should be. 

-Tatiana what the hell are you doing here? I thought after you left Michael with the bad news about HIV you would never bother us again.

-Well as you can see I have something very important to tell Michael. Oh yeah and you might get ready for a little Michael to be running around here. 

-What are you talking about? 

-I'm about 7 months pregnant now and it's Michael's.

OMG!! She's pregnant. Tatiana is the devil and she will do anything to ruin our life. 

-Why didn't you tell Michael the last time that you were here? I know that Michael is not the father of that baby.

-Let's just see what Michael has to say about this. So what do you say Michael?

As soon as she said that I heard Michael's voice. "You can't tell me that your pregnant with my baby. This is not making sense. You are here trying to break up me and Stacy. I want you to leave and not come back. I need to talk to Stacy alone and without you."

Tatiana left with a huge smile on her face. I felt so violated just by her words. She was claiming to be pregnant with my Michael's baby. I can't believe this. I can't stay here right now. I need to think.       

Michael stood there with this look in his eyes that made me so sad. He just broke down. He fell to the floor crying. I ran over to him and laid ontop of him shielding him with my arms. I saw him cry before but not like this. It was like he was getting all of his emotions out . We sat on the floor crying into each others chest. "Michael, talk to me and tell me whats wrong. Why are you crying?" His eyes were soaking wet and blood shot red. I could tell that he wasn't even going to talk to me. So I just sat there with him and embraced him. 

Hours past and I was still here with Michael. We now resided on the couch watching some cartoons. He held me around my waist as I laid my head on his shoulder. It was surprising to see a smile come across his face. I was supposed to be on my way home but right now wasn't a good time. I couldn't leave him in his time of need. We skipped out on dinner and went right to bed.  Michael didn't say anything as we entered the bedroom. It was a little after 10:00 o'clock when we got into bed. The lights went out and the quietness stilled and our eyes closed. That night was as cold as any night.

Before I awoke I had the strangest dream:

-Michael?? Michael?

-Let's go!! You have to get up. Please get up. I need you here with me. Please.

-Oh my!! I'm sorry but he's not responding to the oxygen. We're slowly losing him.

-No please. Keep going. Please. Make him wake up. 

-Stacy, He's gone. He's gone.


I woke up with my hand on my chest breathing 500 breaths a second. I was shaking in anticipation that my dream was exactly that a dream and not reality. When I turned over and noticed that Michael wasn't in the bed I immediately became concerned. I jumped out of the bed and ran to look out of the window. There I saw him sitting in his favorite tree ever. He sat there looking into the sky. I knew that he always went to that tree whenever he wasn't feeling to good. So instead of interupting him I went to the telephone and called my boss. I was suppose to come in to work today. But I really didn't want to come in. 

-Hello, hey um Mr. Jones. 

-Yes, Stacy. 

-I know today was the day for me to get off of suspension but I don't think that I can come in today.

-Oh no you have to come in. I know you may want to sleep in but you had a week for that. So please come in.

-Ok I will come in around 1:00. See ya then.

I really didn't want to go to work. With Michael upset about all this nonsense I wanted to stay here with him. Since I couldn't skip out on work I had to break the news to Michael. 

After I showered and got dress Michael finally came back into the room. He seemed alittle happy. He kissed me on my cheek and than realized that I was fully dressed and ready to go. "Babe where you going?" His eyes were sort of concerned but I assured him with my words that everything was ok. "Well I got to go to work. I will come back later so we can go get tested." As soon as I said "tested" he went back to his miserable look. I grabbed his hand and sat with him on the bed. 

-I know this is a big deal for you but we can't let this control us. It's driving you crazy. Everyday is a challenge and I know that we will overcome this challenge. Please just trust me and everything will be ok.

-I will always trust you but all of this nonsense is scaring me. Our lives were just now getting back to normal an here comes another obstacle. I just want to know why this is happening to me. 

-God never gives you a challenge that you can't handle so he knows that we will overcome this. Please don't worry yourself about it. Please. Don't. Let. This. Ruin. You. 


It's been one hell of a weekend. I thought that when Stacy came by that we would just spend some time with each other. But I was completely wrong. Michael, Please don't worry yourself about it. Everytime I thought about this problem I would hear Stacy saying those same words in my head. I knew that she was the only person who could help me get through this. 

I spent all day pondering on ways to get my mind off of all the evil things that were going on. I was surprised that Tatiana didn't go to the press with this information. Just imagine what the media would do with this info. They would turn it into such a mess. Everytime I think about what the media has done to my friends I cry because they twist and turn stories into what they want it to be. Before I thought about what ifs and the how coulds I decided to call my mother. I haven't talked to her in a while and I wanted her to know everything that was going on in my life so far. 

The phone rang three times before someone finally answered and to my surprise it was my father Joseph. 

-Uh well hello Joseph. Is mother home?


I wanted to say 'Who do you think it is?' but Joseph was still my father and I couldn't disrespect him even though he has disrespected me so many times before. 

-Yeah its me. Now is mother home?

-Yup shes in the kitchen. Hold on.

Finally after a good ten minute hold my mother answered the phone.

-Hello sweetheart. How have you been?

-Mother I have been good. Theres alot of things we need to talk about. To start things off I finally reconnected with Stacy. 

-The same Stacy that you cheated on. 

I hated when people brought that up. I never wanted to cheat on her. 

-Yes mother. We had so many long conversations about it and yes she came back to me.

-Michael I'm greatful that she had enough love in her heart to come back to you. This shall work out for you hune. I missed you so much.

-Mother I missed you so much more. How are you and Joseph getting along?

-Well we are better than to be expected. He has his ups and downs but enough about me, have you been up to writing songs lately?

-Yeah I've started working on my Dangerous album. It's been going good so far. But mother theres more to my life now that is making it hard for and Stacy to go on with our lives.

My mother was always so concerned about me especially if I had to tell her something very important.

-Well Tatiana Thumbtzen came into the picture. She says that she is HIV posititve and now me and Stacy has to get checked out.

-Michael, how is she going to do this to you? What's going to happen if you are HIV posititve?

-Thats not even the worst part. She came back yesterday to tell me that she is pregnant with my baby.

-What? I taught my kids better than to get a girl pregnant out of wedlock. She can't be having your baby.

-I know mother. I can't be the father of her baby. All of this stuff is stressing me out. It's scaring Stacy but she is staying strong for me.

-Michael I appreciate you calling me and telling me everything. Just stay positive and pray every night. Only god knows what you are going through. Give Stacy a kiss for me. Don't let this affect how you focus on your music.  I have a pie in the oven so I got to go. Call me later. I love you so much. 

-I love you more. Thanks mother for all the support. And I know Stacy will love the kiss. 

I loved talking to my mother. She always put a smile on my face and made me feel like a child again. Mother made so much sense to me. I have to put this all behind me and go on with my life because at the end of the day all I have is me and Stacy.

It was a quarter passed five and Stacy was on her way back. The doctor was on his way over to test us an I didn't want her to miss them. I ran downstairs and answered the door when the bell rang and there stood my one and only Stacy. She looked exactly the same way she did when she left except she looked pretty worn out. Hair all over her head and sleepy eyes. 

As we waited for the doctor to come I gave her a foot rub and a quick little massage. She was stressed out and I wanted her to be relaxed. We resided on the couch when the doctor came by. It was pretty embarrassing telling my doctor that I needed a HIV test. 

The doctor pulled out his tools and began the test.

Now all we have to do is wait for the results. If its positive my life can continue to progress but if its negative I don't even know what to think if it's negative. What would I do?  

Dont Walk Away Part 8

I didn't feel like going to NeverLand after Candace drove off. She was my best friend and now there was no one out there for me to talk to. I felt alone and heatbroken as if Michael had left me. So instead of going to see Michael I went to a coffee shop. The Cafe' was a little cafe in LA where theres poetry and coffee. Poetry will take my mind off of the fact that my best friend was gone.

Walking into the cafe I noticed that many people was staring at me. I'm Michael Jackson's girlfriend. Is that all people see when they look at me? I felt kind of singled out. Just came to enjoy some poetry when a girl came over to me. I was pretty nervous as to what she wanted from me but I knew it must have been serious because she was crying. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" I asked. Her expression was sad and scared all at the same time. Before she could talk in walked my sexy boss. He was super sweet and very hot. The young lady who was about to talk to me suddenly got up and left. Before she left I noticed the fear that was in her eyes as Mr. Jones walked over to my table. It was pretty weird but I just brushed it off. 

-Hello Stacy. I haven't seen you in a while. Is your suspension over?

-No not until Monday. I will be back.

-So hows everything going? 

-Good so far but I just miss being at wok. 

-We miss you there as well. By the way why is so many people staring at you?

I didn't want to tell him the reason why everyone was staring but he was going to find out sooner or later. "Well I am Michael Jackson's girlfriend. Everyone who knows Michael knows me." Mr.Jones's face turned into stone as I told him about Michael.

-Really, You are Michael Jackson's long lost girlfriend. I read the papers and I see him and how depressed he is without her. I honestly dont believe you. Sorry. Um well I will see you at the office.

He got up and walked out the door. I couldn't believe him. How could he not believe me? Why do I need to lie? Michael was my boyfriend and we were just as close as ever. I went to the cafe' for some coffee but instead I got a man telling me that I'm not with Michael Jackson. Wow!! 
BJ was waiting outside for me. After what just happened I just wanted to go home and snuggle with Michael. I didn't want to be known as MJ's estranged anything. We were together again. Why can't people understand that? The drive back to NeverLand was taking forever and I had to see Michael. We drove to the main house and my heart started to flutter. I ran into the house to find Michael sitting on the couch with the one person who wasn't welcomed here.

-Uh Michael why the hell is Tatiana here?

-Stacy calm down this isn't what you think. She came over here, I didn't invite her.
I wanted to believe him but he would never disrespect me like this. Bringing another girl into his home while he's entertaining me. I didn't want to hear anyhting at this point so without hesitation I went upstairs to the room and laid in the bed. No less than 5 seconds later was Michael in the room with the most pathetic look on his face. The only time he looked like that was when he had something very important to tell me. I didn't want to hear anything from him because she was the reason why we broke up the first time. 

Michael was the type to touch you even though you didn't want to have anything to do with him at the moment. He sat down on the oppsosite side of the bed and just stared at me. Every feeling came over me. Was he about to leave me? What had Tatianna said to him? "Stacy, I know you may be mad at me but theres something that you need to know." Michael started the converstation as if I wanted to hear his voice. He really did amke me feel so damn mad at him. I didn't want to talk to him but I couldn't leave him talking to himself. "Michael what is it?" The conversation was so cold. It wasn't like any conversation that we have ever had. I was scared to hear his next words. 

-Well she came by unannounced right after my meeting. I told her that I didn't want to see or talk to her. Than she just came out and said it. 

-Michael what was so important that she had to come here. To NeverLand. 

-This is hard to say----

-What?? Michael now your scaring me.

-She told me that she was HIV positive.

I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. Michael might be HIV positive. I might be HIV positive. 

Dont Walk Away Part 7

When I woke up I was shocked to find us both laying in the bath tub. She was laying on me. I didn't mind but I thought it would be better if we got up it was 12 in the afternoon. I moved her hair from her face and kissed her softly on her forehead. We slept in the tub last night. Wow it must have been a fun night. Her eyes finally opened and she looked like a nubian princess. I know its weird saying that and she was naked in a bath tub but its true. I couldn't help myself from staring at her big beautiful brown eyes as she got up and yawned. 

-Good morning sweetie

-Hey babe. Oh wow did we sleep in the tub last night?

-Yeah we did. I guess we had one hell of a night.

-But I wasn't hating it. You made me feel so good last night. 

-That's my job. To make you happy will be my goal for the rest of my life.

I would always make her happy. Everyday of my life I will be making her the happiest person in the world. I am the only one that can do that. But than I thought. I was also the only one to make her sad as well. After what happened before I couldn't imagine being without her.

We couldn't stay in the tub forever so as we got up we each grabbed a towel and walked to the bedroom. Our bodies were dripping wet as we entered the room. I didn't notice before but Stacy had a bruise on her upper back. I felt sort of responsible because last night I think I went alittle to rough. But I know she liked it that way. Praying I didn't hurt her, I reached out and touched it. 


-It hurts.

-Yeah babe!! That hurt. What's back there anyway?

-It's a bruise. 

-Really. So Michael your telling me that you bruised up my back with all your roughness.

-I'm so sorry. 

-Babe its ok. I knew it was going to happen. You were a animal last night. 

-You weren't to bad yourself.

-Thanks babe.

I kissed her on the lips as I ran my fingers along her bruised back. My baby was hurting and it was my fault. Why did I bruise my babies back? Were we that rough? I didn't know that we were to rough but now I realized that she is fragile and I had to take it easy with her. Rough sex made me think about Tatiana because she always liked it rough but we only had sex five times. Those thoughts were in the past but I couldn't help thinking about her sometimes. Stacy was the woman who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She is the only woman for me and I know that I am the only man for her. 

Today was a busy day for us both. I had to record some songs in the studio while Stacy was going to lunch with Candace. She was pregnant so Stacy wanted make sure she was ok every moment of the day. We going to throw her a baby shower soon but all the plans aren't arranged yet. I knew that Stacy loved kids and she would love to have her own children one day but that was alittle ways down the line. I loved to think about things like that but everything gets confused when I think about what we would do if I had to go off on tour. While I stood there thinking about our lovely future she was ready to get dressed.

-Mikey bear I'm going to go get in the shower.

-Ok Stacy, don't take to long becasue I got to get to the studio in a few hours.

-Oh really babe. You gonna write some songs about me?

-Of course. You are my biggest inspiration for writing the best songs. 

-Aww babe. You sure do know how to make a girl blush.

Her smile always set my heart on fire. When her cheeks raised and her mouth turned up into the sexiest smile ever I always would feel blessed to be around her. She gave me a hug and kissed my cheek as she ran back into the bathroom. While she was in the bathroom I roamed through my closet seraching for the right outfit. I would usually pick out a red shirt and black pants but I wanted to try something new. So I just pulled out a light pink long john shirt underneath my Hawaiian shirt, and black pants. This was my creative look. When I finally finished picking out my clothes, I saw Stacy standing there in her red sundress and red flipflops. Even when she dressed casual I was still blown away. Her clothes fit her personality, and I loved it. 


When I came out of the bathroom I saw Michael moving from the closet. I wondered what he was doing.

-Mike what was you doing?

-Just pulling out some cothes to wear.

-Oh ok. Well I wish I could stay and watch you make love to your music but Candace is probaly waiting for me at the cafe' so I'd better be going. 

-Do you want BJ to drive you?

-Already taken care of. He is waiting outside for me right now.

-Ok. See you later right? Please come home after lunch cause we have things to do.

-Oh I see. I will be home in a few hours so don't wait up. 

-See you later than baby. Love you.

-Love you to and good luck on your songs today. By the way tell Frank I said hey.

Frank was Michael's manager and he was always so sweet to me. But I haven't seen him in a while. Me and Frank immediately clicked when we first met. At first Michael didn't like the idea of me and Frank being so friendly. I was 100% for Michael and never even thought about Frank in that way. It took Michael a few months to get comfortable with me being friends with Frank. Since I haven't seen Frank in a while Michael has cooled down about me and him. 

-Ok Stacy. Tell Candace I said congratualtions on the baby.


The ride over to the cafe' was so peaceful and quiet. I never wanted to leave the car but I saw Candace sitting at the table. As I approached the table I noticed that she was crying. 

-Oh my god. Candace what's wrong?

-Well Stacy, I went to Sacremento this morning. You know to tell my dad and sister that I was pregnant.

-It sounds good so far. Did they not except it?

-They loved the idea of me having a baby, but while I was there I found something that I shouldn't have found.

-Girl the suspense is killing me.

-I found pictures of my mother in a casket. 

-You never told me that your mom died.

-Stacy I didn't know. My dad never told me. 


-They say that my mom had breast cancer. They never tryed to call because they didn't think that I would want to know.

-You and your mom was so close. Why wouldn't you want to know?

-My sister said that she died two days ago and they want me to help with the funeral.

-I think you should do it. Go down there girl your mom would want that.

-I don't know Stacy. I don't want to fix up a casket for my mom. She shouldn't be dead. I just talked to her two nights ago. She didn't tell me that she had cancer.

-You might be mad at your family but they could have kept it from you becasue they knew you couldn't handle it. 

-Of course I can't handle it. My mom just died and I wasn't even there for her in her last days. I feel so stupid.

-It's not your fault. You can't take back the past but you can look towards the future. Be there for your family in their time of grief.

-I was gonna go down there and stay for a while. 

-How long? I can't not see you girl.

-It might be for like a week. My dad is really broken up about it.

-Ok Candace you go down there and I will see you in a week.

-I know we was suppose to talk about you and Michael but I had to tell you about my mom.

-It's totally ok. Call me later and we can discuss Michael. But send your family my reguards. I love them and I love you.

I felt so bad for her. She was pregnant and now she finds out that her mom is dead. Throughout everything that the both of us have been through this had to be the worst. As we both got up we embraced each other in the tightest hug. I then noticed that she was 6 months pregnant. As big as a house. I kissed her cheek and walked with her to her car. Hugging for the last time we embraced in the biggest hug. I would miss her dearly but if she had to be with family I knew she had to go. She got in the car and drove away. I watched the car drive down the street and at that very moment I shed tears. 

Candace I will miss you so much. Please call me when you get there. Love you very much.  

Dont Walk Away Part 6

5 months later

Today was going to be a wonderful day for me. Me and the love of my life were going to hang out together at the Ranch. I had everything planned out for our special day. I knew that this was her first time back since our breakup and I didn't want to rush anything.

She told me that she was ready but I honestly don't believe she is----

Earlier that day

-Hey Stacy how are you?

-I'm great. I wanted to ask---


-Um nothing nothing. I wanted to umm  know if you were busy today.

-No not at all. Why what you have in mind?

-I wanted to come to NeverLand today.

-Wait are you serious? Did you just say that you wanted to come to NeverLand?

-Yes I believe I'm ready. It's been 5 months of us dating and I think it's time. Do you want me to come?

-Of course I want you to come. When and how long?

-Well it's friday afternoon so I guess I will be staying the weekend.

-Great. I'm so glad that your finally ready.

I couldn't believe that after casual dating for five months she wanted to come to NeverLand. Throughout these five months my body has been so sexually frustrated. Whenever I got close to her I wanted to kiss her, whenever we touched I wanted to hold her close and make passion love to her. Five months without sex was sort of a stretch. We used to always make love day or night. I love to think about those times but that was in the past now we were looking towards the future and what it beholds.

I had to get dressed and pack my bags for my weekend stay with my man. My heart was racing as I ran around my house finding all the right things. I packed some t-shirts, jeans, shorts, and dresses. I forgot that I was only staying for a weekend. Michael would like me to stay forever but we were taking things slow. Packing my bags I realized that I was very horny. Me and Michael have been dating for five months now and NO SEX. I was internally breaking down. And according to Candace I was a mess on the outside as well. I got suspended from work just because I cussed out my boss. Damn no sex with Michael was really taking a toll on me. I wondered if Michael was having the same break down. He was also more self restraint than me so he probaly was taking it easy. 

Before I left for Michael's I decided to fry me up a grilled cheese sandwich. I had pictures of Michael all over my living room so while I ate my sandwich I glared at one of my favorite pictures of him from his BAD tour.   

He was performing "She's Out Of My Life". Everytime he sings this song live he always breaks down and shows his most vulnerable side. Whenever he was vulnerabe he was at his sexieat. He cryed and I would cry because its like I could feel his pain. He wasn't just my boyfriend then he was my lover and my friend. I will never forget that.

Hours past before I got a phone call. 


-Yeah Stacy come outside.

-Who this? 

I said it all innocent and curious with a smirk on my face.

-You know who it is.

-Ok I;m coming down right now.


I tossed the rest of my grill cheese and popped in a mint before I grabbed my luggage and ran to the door. All of a sudden I wasn't nervous I was comfortable.

As I opened the front door I saw a black bentley rolls royce parked right outside the pathway. I was surprised it wasn't surrounded by fans and papparazzi. You know how Michael and me are at the center of everyones conversations now adays. So as I slipped into the classic car I noticed that there was a beautiful man sitting in the back seat. Before I could touch the car door the driver got out of the car and greeted me with a nice " May I take your bags ma'am?" He took my bags and sat them in the trunk while I got into the backseat with this unknown beauty. I opened the door and there he was. He embraced me in a tight hug. I kissed him softly on the lips as he rubbed my cheek. That one touch threw me over the top. I wanted him right than and there but there was the driver who would sure be surprised at the moves we had. I sat directly next to him just so he could make me feel good. He put his hand on my bare thigh sending chills down my spine.

-Hey babe

-Hey Mr.Jackson.

We usually used code names just to set the mood but since we weren't alone they were useless.

-I sure did miss you.

-We was just together yesterday. 

-I know but one night without you is like eternity. 

I was all smiles as he talked into my ear with such soft tones. I bit my bottom lip in aguish that I couldn't have this man right here right now. The ride to NeverLand was exactly 3 hours from my house. I was pretty tired but who could sleep when such a hunk was sitting right beside you. I laid my head apon his shoulder as he trailed his fingers along my thigh. My eyes began to close and before I knew it I was asleep. I wondered what was going on around me. Was Michael talking about me to his driver? Or was he still making me feel damn good by trailing his long slender fingers along my bare thigh?

"Hello Mr.Jackson and Ms. Stacy we're here".

The car stopped and I knew I was dreaming. My eyes opened and I lifted my head to see Mr. Sleepy Head was fast asleep against the window. I didn't want to wake him but I had to. I reached up and squeezed his cheek lightly.

-Mikey babe time to go inside.

He popped up and noticed that we were in front of his beautiful home.

-I will retrieve your luggage from the trunk and put it in your room.


As we walked through the doors of NeverLand I noticed all of his hand paintings. They were still as beautiful as before. It was going on 8:30 and the staff were ready to load up and go home. So me and Michael would have the house to ourselves. I liked the sound of that. Michael wrapped his arm around my waist and began kissing my neck. I didn't want this to go any farther but I couldn't help thinking of all the things I wanted to do to him. 

-Uh Uh not here and certainly not now. 

-Why I need you so badly?

-I know I need you to but--

Before I could say another word he grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. I was floating on cloud nine. I broke the kiss and said, "If you really wanted me you would wait." He started fiddling with my shirt trying to raise it. I tryed to walk away but this man was horny.

-Hey hey hold on now 

I had to draw the line when he reached down into my shorts and started tugging on my panties. I wanted this as much as him but the time wasn't right.
As he persisted to fondle with me we heard footsteps hit the living room doorway.

-Uh sorry Mr.Jackson I didn't know you were busy but I wanted to let you know that I was leaving for the night.

-Ok see you tomorrow.

Michael's driver had left for the night and now we were alone. I hadn't noticed that the driver was Michael's long time friend BJ. He was a very sweet man and I couldn't wait to see him again.

As soon as BJ was out of sight Michael grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom. I wondered what he had in mind. Walking up the stairs I noticed that my bags were in his room. Damn he was trying to have his way with me. I couldn't wait. 

We walked into his room and than I noticed it. There was slow classic music playing on the stereo, rose pedals on the floor leading a trail to the bathroom, and this beautiful piece of lingerie laying across his bed. My eyes were watering just that quick. I knew he missed me but not this much. Michael noticed the tears coming from my eyes and he became concerned.

-What's wrong Stacy?

-Nothing It's just that this is so beautiful and I feel like I don't deserve it. You have been nothing but a delight since we decided to start over. Why are you treating me so damn good?

-You deserve everything that I give you. For the past 5 months I have realized that I need you in my life. When I lost you the first time I didn't know how special you are. Stacy you are the reason why I wake up in the morning and the reason why I lay my head down to sleep every night. Now that I have you in the very place where we first fell in love I really want to charise you. I love you Stacy with all my heart and I want you to know that. 

-Oh you sure are the Michael I fell in love with years ago. The past is the past but our future is looking clearer and clearer every day. I do love you Michael and I want YOU to know that.

-You sure do know how to drive me crazy. 

-Oh and wait until I put on this beautiful piece of material I will sure make you weak. Stay here while I go and change in the other room.

I kissed him softly on the lips and grabbed the lingerie off the bed. Tonight I was going to please my man in more ways than one.

I walked into his room and saw him sitting on the bed with his back towards the door.  I went over to him and sat next to him. I touched his shoulder and in return he laid me down on the bed and began to kiss my neck. When his lips hit my neck I was in awe. I grabbed the back of his head while his tongue traced my jawline. He lined my neck with soft kisses as he made his way down my chest. As he got down between my breast I was in a high of ectasy. His touch was unbelievable against my hot skin. He pulled the straps down from my shoulders and kissed them. Once his lips touched my body I would go crazy but this was different he was making me wild. 

He pulled my gown down around my waist just to expose my boobs. I was ready for whatever he was ready to do. My nipples were already hardened from his touch but than he made me even hotter by taking my left nipple into his mouth. I let out a soft moan while his tongue flicked around. While sucking one nipple he played with the other. If he kept it up like this than I was ready for the goal. He had me over the top. I was almost ready to relese myself but I was afraid that I was going to miss all the good parts. He pulled my night gown off and threw it on the floor. Releasing my nipple from his mouth he left it so wet. I loved when he made a mess it was so hot to me. He started kissing down my stomach leaving the best feeling. As he got closer and closer to my panties I began to slowly explode.

-May I?

-Of course this is what we been waiting so long for.

He trailed along my panties. I was so horny and he was just teasing me with his silly antics. He finally slid my panties off and threw them on the floor. In amazement at the sight of my freshly shaved pussy, he slowly reached down and touched the top. That one touch threw me over the edge and I acomplished my first orgasm. Without hesitation he dove his head down there and started his business. His tongue slid over the lips of my vagina. He began nibbling on the outskirts of my lips making me giggle. I already started squealing in plesure as he sucked and flicked all over my vagina. This was a new feeling to me because no man has ever pleased me in such a way as Michael has. Out of nowhere his tongue slipped deeper into my private. It ended up in a place where I wanted it to go for a while right in my entrance. His tongue went in and slid out as if we were already fucking but we weren't he was just tongue fucking me. I arched my back and let out the loudest moans that I would let escape my mouth. In and out was all I felt as I internally collapsed on the bed. 

Michael was a pleasure giver and he sure did show it tonight. He noticed that I was slowly going crazy from his wonderful tongue fuck which was the cause of my 3rd or 4th orgasm tonight. He knew that I was truly happy. Now that I was totally nude it was his turn but he was already up.

-Where you going?

-Stacy don't you think it's time for round two.

-Oh you little freak of course. Lets go!!

I ran to the bathroom while Michael stripped down to nothing. As I walke into the bathroom there was rose pedals in the tub and all over the floor. I got into the warm tub and waited for my Michael to come join me. Before I knew it he came walking into the bathroom with his giant penis swaying in the breeze. I bite my lip just from the sight of him I wanted his 13 inches inside of me. 

-Are you ready for round two? Where I can make you submit.

-Yes Mike lay it on me.

-You know I will.

He got into the tub and started the fight. We were wet and not just on the top of our bodies. We sat in the tub in a way that his feet was around my waist and mine the same. His manhood was sitting directly across from my entrance. He grabbed my face and planted a nice wet one right on my lips. All I felt was his beautiful soft lips over mine . His tongue slid into my mouth and I sucked on it. The smell of cinnamon escaped his mouth as he moved his lips in a circular motion. While our tongues intertwined I grew more and more aroused. He finally released my lips and started on my slippery wet neck. Kissing and sucking was his specialty which why I loved being with him. I knew that he had already pleased me way to much in the bedroom so I took the time to please him. 

When we was together kissing became overrated so we tryed not to do t to much. I kissed the side of his neck and placed my hands on his cocoa brown chest. I started nibbling his ear and that was his naughty spot. Without a sound he stood us both up and pushed me up against the wall. I thought Damn I like being man handled. 

We kissed for the hundreth time tonight. I noticed that he was extremely erect. He lifted my leg and pushed himself straight inside of me. This made me feel as though we were virgins again. I heard the suds slop up against both of our private parts. He had me where he wanted me. He slid in and out of me with each thrust my back hit the wall even harder. I knew that when I woke up I was going to have bruises. Each became more faster as his climax approached. It was an amazing feeling. After a while of his hard thrust I finally came for the tenth time and he relesed himself inside of me. I couldn't stop shaken after his load filled my insides. 

-Are you satisfied?

-Michael that was amazing. Where did you learn all of that?

-Only the most amazing person in the world. You.

-Didn't I do a great job?

-Of course we always make history with our love making

I loved being here in NeverLand with the only man to make me feel this good. We just had the best mind blowing sex so we sure didn't feel like moving. So instead of sleeping in the bed, we slept in the tub nude and still in LOVE. We leaned up against the tub wall and closed our eyes for the night. Wrapped in his arms I would stay there forever.        

Dont Walk Away Part 5

Throughout the whole 3 years that I have known Michael he has never forced me to do anything that I didn't want to do. He was a true gentleman 100% of the time. I know that I will never lose him as a friend but after the little stunt I pulled last night I might lose him has my lover.

I came on to him and we were suppose to be taking it slow. Controlling my hormones is a full time job but I had to be a lady for the man in my life. I needed to know if the air was clear between us.

-Michael, when you get home please give me a call. I really need to talk you.

Stacy and Candace were on their way to the docotrs office for Candace's monthly appointment and so far everything looked good.

-Hello Candace how have you been these last couple of months.

-Good so far. But I had an episode last night where I ate more than I was suppose to.

-What did you eat?

-Pickles and peanut butter, celery and vanilla ice cream. All of my favorites.

-How did the baby take it?

-I threw up five minutes later. I guess the baby hated it.

-Well you see now. You have to watch out for things you eat now your with child.

-Yeah I understand. But what do I do when I have those cravings.

-You have to avoid them and eat something healthy for you like an apple or a orange.

Candace hated fruits and vegatables but if it meant keeping her baby safe you had to do it. Stacy sat next to the doctors bed while the doctor used sonograph machine to check on the baby. As soon as the babys image appeared on the screen Stacy began to cry. 

-What's wrong girl? 

-Nothing it's just unbelievable how you are carrying a baby inside of you. I'm happy for you.

Candace grabbed her hand and rubbed her thumb on the outside of her hand. Candace understood how she felt. 

-So when are you going to have a baby?

-Who me? (I was in shock that the doctor was asking me this)


-Well I guess I will have a baby when my boyfriend is ready.

-When that happens I will be here for you to.

Candace always liked to tell everyone who Stacy's boyfriend was and today was no different. 
-You know doc her boyfriend is one of the hottest men in the world. You might know him as the BAD ass singer and dancer. His name is Michael Jackson.

-Seriously Oh your the estranged girlfriend. 

-Well I'm not estrag---
Stacy felt disrespected when the doctor said that. Ever since she broke up with Michael everyone has been calling her estranged and Missing In Action. She was sick of it. There had to be a way for everyone to know that she was just his friend now.

Stacy got up and walked out of the room. Candace felt like she shouldn't had said anything about who her boyfriend was.

-Uh Doctor I don't think you should have said that.

-I'm so sorry. Tell her that I apologize. But for now you are finished.

As Candace got up to leave she said to the doctor, "She is not estranged. She is just taking things slow."


-Michael I have been thinking alot about what you said the other day and I think I am ready to say it back.

-You don't have to just say it because I said it. I will always love you and you can take as long you want to say it back. 

-Michael Jackson I Love You very much.

His face turned into a smile as the words were like bells to his ears. He grabbed her and embraced her into a hug. This hug wasn't like any other hug they have ever shared. It was more tender and loving like they were showing how much they each meant to each other through that one hug.

-Uh Michael I know we aren't dating but I have a very casual idea--


-I'm madly in love with you but I want to show you how much I love you.

-You mean you want to have--

-Yes but if you don't than we can just keep it pg 13.

-I've waited for this moment for so long. 

He kissed me softly on the lips. His right hand held my face as his left hand touched my shoulder. Their tongues intertwined with each other. His soft lips ontop of hers was magic. His touch made her feel as though they were the only ones on earth. Stacy pushed him down on the couch and kissed his jawline which led to his neck than to his chest. She swirled her tongue around his cocoa brown bare skin. Michael let out the cutest sounds, sounds that told her that he was enjoying how she was pleasuring him. "Ahh Mmm"  She planted little soft kisses all along his chest. Before every kiss she would unbutton his shirt and reveal more and more of his beautiful skin. Michael watched her as she unbuttoned his shirt and started kissing around his belly button. He was tickled at this. "Ahhh hahaha" he started saying as Stacy planted a kiss on his belly button. She wanted to taste him but she thought it was to soon. So moving back up to his mouth she stuck her tongue in his mouth and kissed him furiously. Their lips became two wet slabs of meat. Michael looked into her eyes.

Neither one of them could believe this was happening but it felt so right so they continued.

He turned her around so that she was under him. He pulled her shirt off and began kissing her neck. Taking his time he laid kisses all over her neck. Her chest raised everytime his soft plush colored lips hit her heated skin.Michael had never seen a front clasp before but as he unclasped Stacy's bra he revealed her aching breast. He placed his thumb and fore finger over her pink nipple and started rubbing it in a circular motion. Stacy muffled her mouth just as she was about to yell into his ear. He than took the nipple into his mouth and flicked his tongue over it. He moaned over her as he sucked on her now hardened piece of flesh. She began to shake in such a manner to tell Michael that she was ready to explode. Her body was under enormous amounts of pleasure. He didn't want keep her waiting for his love so he kissed down her body until he came to her shorts. Unbuttoning them he slid them down her leg and threw them on the floor. No underwear. WoW He couldn't believe that she didn't wear panties. He thought easier access. He began kissing around her hips. He than realized that his pants were still on so in one swift movement he pulled them down and threw them down on the floor to join her shorts. Stacy bit her lip at the sight of Michael in his boxers. As he slid himself into her now wet vagina she let out a low yelp like a little dog. He smiled at the sounds that were coming from her mouth. He started moving his hips just the way he had done in his videos. She was impressed. The feeling of him moving inside of her was unbelievable. Every movement was a little more of a moan that escaped her lips. She looked into his eyes as he pumped in and out of her. His curls were scattered around his face from the sweat that was forming on his forehead. After a while of this Michael said, "Im coming close close". His penis became extra hard and long as he came all inside of her. She laughed at the sound he made when he released hisself. "AhhhhUmmmmm BB Uuuummm FuuuuuCkkkkkk". He collasped on top of her. All you heard was heavy breathing as Michael rolled onto his side and looked lovingly into Stacy's eyes. 

-Ahh are you sairfied?

-Of course you did your thing. It was just how I imagined it wonderful.

-Thank you for experiencing this special with me again.

-No problem. This time it went smoothly. Remember our very first time.

-How can I forget. I was so scared. 

-It's ok. It still was a great first time.

-You always think everything I do is perfect but we both know thats not true.

-I know but your perfect to me Michael.

She kissed his lips as she looked into his doe eyes and said, " I will always LOVE you wether we are with me or not. Never forget that. My heart beongs to you forever. I Love You Michael. 

-Candace I feel like a idiot. Even your doctor thinks I'm estranged. 

-It's ok girl. She doesn't know much except what she reads in the tabloids. Don't worry.

-I know but seriously I feel like Michael's puppet. 

-Your not his puppet more like a sex toy.

-That's not funny! And for your information we haven't had sex yet.

-What?? You haven't slept with him yet.

-Nope we are taking things slow. 

-Oh really!! So how was you guys first date?

-I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say I wasn't the one to take things slow.

-Ok girl i got to go anyway tell me later cause my movie bout to come on.

-What movie?

-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs bye girl

-bye crazy Candace

I knew that I haven't spoken to Michael since last night and I really wanted to talk to him about everything that went down. 

Ring Ring Ring 


-Stacy? You called me this morning right.

-Yeah I wanted to talk to you about last night.

-Oh yeah last night. What about it?

-Are you mad at me?

-No, I'm not mad at you.

-Really? I thought you'd be mad at me because I totally was loosing control.

-You had a weak moment It's ok. I'm not mad at you. Just think I wanted it to happen as well.

-Well I'm glad we didn't do anything.

-Me too.

-Well enough about me how have you been?

-Great I have been working on some songs. 

-Awesome I can't wait to hear them.

-I know you'd enjoy them.

-Michael, is it ok if we catch up later I have a headache and I need some rest.

-Oh sure! Call me tomorrow I promise I will be home. So talk to you tomorrow Love ya.

-Ok bye Michael. Love ya too.

After hanging up the phone I realized that Michael was my everything again. He completed me in ways that I can't explain. I wonder what the future holds.    

Dont Walk Away Part 4

-Michael, I see that your not in right now so when you get back call me. I will be waiting Michael Joseph Jackson.

Michael has been being very much the perfect guy. He hasn't harrassed me about the date since we left the hotel. Every day I thought about our perfect date. The music? The clothes? The subject to talk about? and The food? I didn't know what to say to him. We hit all the main point back at the hotel but there was more I still wanted to know. He was my everything before he was stolen from me. Now I want that feeling back, but sometimes I think will that feeling ever come back.

Michael had just gave Stacy the news about his big tour which was scheduled to start very soon. They have been friends for a while now so they shared everything. And Michael's everything was this tour.

-Hey Stacy I been looking for you. I know its been real busy but are you in the mood for some great news?

-Of course Michael. Any news is good to me. So what's the big news so I can get back to work.

-Well you know how I just finished my BAD album right?

-Uhh yeah MJ lets go.. You have two minutes..

-I'll just tell you. I scored a 123 show tour for BAD. It will be great but I wanted to know if you would come with me? Think it over I have to go to so call me after the meeting.

Stacy couldn't believe what he just asked her. He wants me on tour with him. wow How will this be?? All her fears came rushing back from the same day that she first met Michael. Now after only knowing each other for about 3-4 years he wants her on his tour. She was so shocked but time was ticking for her meeting so this thought had to wait.

"What am I going to do Candace?? He wants a answer by tonight so what am I going to do??" My heart was racing fast as I couldn't even think about all these thoughts running through my mind. Without giving me any advice Candace just layed there trying to make sense of all of this.

-So Michael (the man of your dreams and your boss) wants you to come go on tour with him for how long? Wait scratch that it doesn't matter how long but I think that you should go just because he must really trust you if he wants you on his tour. Think it all the way through though.

-Candace I can't do it. I must tell him "no".

-What? Did you think this through?

-He is a really cool dude but I dont know if I should go on tour with him. I'm not even settled here at my own home. He will understand.

-I don't believe this. Your going to blow off Michael frickin Jackson just because your not sure about this. All I know is that he really does want you on tour with him. Well I'm not going to sit here and try to persuade you to go, so I will be back tomorrow so we can talk. Bye girl.

-Bye Candace call me when you get home.

As she threw up the dueces sign I knew that she was out. I know she was mad at me for deciding not to go but I just don't feel right about this. Every emotion I have ever felt came out all at once. I ran to my pillow crying. Michael really did want me on this tour. How will I break it to him that I'm staying here in Los Angeles.

I knew that he was expecting an answer so I decided to call him. it wouldn't be the answer he wanted to hear but this was the answer I had to give him.


-Yeah Stacy whats up? Have you thought about the tour?

-I have but I really don't think that I should go with you. it's already a pleasure working for you but I just can't risk anything. We are  friends and of course I care about you but I don't know.

-I understand but what is it that you are going to risk?

-Well I don't know how to tell you this but if you haven't noticed I have been very flirtatious with you and I'm embarrassed to say this but Michael I like you alot.
There was slience on the phone as I declared my secret crush on him. But as I thought I had scard him off all I heard was a high pitch laughter. I couldn't believe he was laughing at me. I was so embarrassed.

-Stacy I have noticed that you were a little flirty in the 3 years we have known each other but I don't mind it at all. You are a beautiful human being and if you can be brave and tell me that you had a crush on me than I can do the same.
From the first time I laid eyes on you I knew that we would one day be a pair. We have known each other for 3 years and I don't think that we could be more obvious.

-Michael are you telling me that I wasn't the only one who wanted more than a friendship. You wanted a relationship as well.

My head was spinning. Michael Jackson was telling me that he had a crush on me to. It brought a huge smile on my face. 

-Stacy you have been my best friend for three years now and all I wanted to do was make you happy but if I could do more I would be glad to. Stacy I don't just like you I'm in Love with you.

He just said the L-word and now I was afraid to even say it back. He terrified me a great way. Even though we were talking over the phone I could feel his eyes on me as I turned as red as a beet.

-Uhh Stacy are you still there??

-Michael well I'm pretty tired so I will see you tomorrow for your photoshoot. This is a awkward conversation so uuhhh bye.

The phone hung up before Michael could say goodbye. He knew that she was a little scared of the L word. But he had all the time in the world to love her even more. he hung up the phone and smiled to his self at the face that she probaly made when he said that. It will never get old. He did LOVE her  with all his heart he just hoped she loved him back.

-Michael It's me Stacy!!

-Oh hey Stacy how are you??

-I'm great. You probaly are wondering why I am calling you. But I am calling to tell you about our date.

-Great. I was thinking about this date all week long. I just want it to be perfect for you.

-Your to sweet Michael. Come to my house tonight at 7:00 and please wear that hot red button up shirt. I so love that shirt and I just want to see you in it.

-Or would you love to rip it off of me.

-Michael hhaa I would love to do that but remember the word S-L-O-W

-I know. So I will be at your house tonight. Since your telling me what to wear I guess I can tell you. Please wear the red and black dress with the ruffles. You always leave me breathless with that dress.

-I will. Michael this will be our official first date. So we have to make this the best night ever. But anyways I have to go get my hair and makeup done. There is only 3 hours left before our date. Before I go I want to tell you that I Love You.

-I love you too. See you in 3 hours.

The phone call ended and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. It felt like we just met for the first time. He still made me happy. Since today was one of the most important days of our relationship I wanted everything to be perfect. I had many things to do today with only 3 hours to spare so I had to get going.


I walked by my bedroom mirror and was shocked at how hot I looked. I stood there wearing the red ruffled dress with my nails done in french tips. My hair was wrapped in a bun which sat atop my head. My dress was short so instead of wearing open toes I decided to wear my red 6 inch stilletto pumps. I knew he would love it. But I didn't care what I wore as long I made this a special night.  I didn't understand why I was feeling nervous. He was coming over to spend time with me so I was the winner here. 

I walked around the house with moments to spear before he would be here. The food was waiting on the table for us while the slow classical music played in the background. I was prepared for anything that Michael threw at me tonite. I was ready for him, for us to have a wonderful night. 

Knock Knock Knock

OMG!!! Michael's here. Breathe Stacy Breathe. SHOWTIME! 

I was excited to open the door and see such a beautiful human being staring back at me. I had to think about this moment forgetting everything else for now. So as I opened the door I saw him. Standing there with the red button up shirt and black pants. I was speechless not even looking at him. His pants came just above his ankles so that his signature white crew socks could show. I didn't even notice the black fedora and the glasses. He took off his sunglasses and had me mesmerized by his beauty. "Hello Stacy. May I come in?" he asked me. I was so embarrassed to have him standing outside of my house. "Sure come in! lease come right on in." I motioned for him to come inside. As he walked past me all I could smell was vanilla. I thought to myself, Why did he have to smell so damn good? I closed the door behind him. My mind was racing. Michael hasn't been to my house in so long it was becoming a little overwhelming. 

-Michael you want anything to drink? I have sparkling water, red wine, and lemonade.

-Well I'm not very thirsty but before this conversation goes any further I would love to say that you look very beautiful tonight. 

-Oh your to sweet Michael. Thank you. You look marvelous tonight as well. 

I was becoming nervous. His eyes watching me as I go get dinner together. "Michael dinner is served."

He walked over to the table and sat down. He said, "Dinner looks amazing. May I ask what it is?" I loved when he was so polite which was all the time. He was just to much for me to handle. "Well Mikey. It's salmon and white race. I hope you enjoy it." The smile he gave me was so unbelievable. He was amazed at dinner which made me happy. Before we ate Michael said grace. It was so beautiful and I began to cry.

God is great God is good let us thank him for our food bow our heads lets all be fed give us lord our daily bread amen. God bless this food we are about to receive It a blessing and I would like to say Thank You.

Why are you crying Stacy?

-You saying grace was wonderful. It really made me feel good to be here with you tonight.

-Stacy don't cry. You make this dinner worth it. Thank You.

-Michael anything for you. Its really funny how we haven't seen each other for a while and now we are having our official first date. I can't believe this is happening.

-I can't believe its happeneing either but this is us starting over. A brand new Stacy and a brand new Michael.

-I know. Everything seems brand new already because of you Michael.

The date was going very smooth. He complemented me on everything, such as the food, my outfit and the decorations. Honestly I never thought this night would be such a success but I pulled it off. After dinner we sat on the couch just to catch up and I was so tempted to make a move. 

-So Stacy I know things between us haven't been all peaches but no---

I crushed my lips against his. At first it was awkward but as I moved my lips against his he returned the favor. I slid my tongue slowly into his mouth as I grabbed his face. My right hand rested on the left side of his face while my left hand slid down his arm. Both of his hands holding my waist tightly. As our tongues intertwined all I could smell and taste was a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. It may have been the candles that were lit but at the moment it was Michael. He laid me down on the couch and pulled my bun out of my head. It was painful alittle but I wanted it to happen. The pain was a pain that I wanted to feel. We were on the same page until I reached down and grabbed his package. He moaned for a moment and than looked me in the eyes and told me, "Stacy remember the word S-L-O-W." My eyes opened widely and I got up. I was telling Michael that we were going to take it slow but here I was ready to make love to him. 

-Im so sorry. Michael I wish I could control myself. Your just...

-I know but remember us starting over. I don't want to just get you in bed. I want to be emotionally in love before anything like this goes down. But don't mind me saying but I really would love for this to happen. 

-Michael I guess our date is over. But it would be best if you go before I ...

-Ok Stac. I will talk to you tomorrow. Love you. 

-Love you too.

As he got up to leave I grabbed his hand and walked with him to the door. He turned around and gave me a good night kiss before he left. That one kiss would hold me over for the rest of the night. As the car drove away I just wished he would have let me love him. I'm glad he stopped it because he knows that I would have regretted it later. He was still there for me even though we weren't officially BF/GF and I knew that he would always be there.